About YKPA

YKPA provides a caring home, school, and a new life, currently for 32 children. For 20 more children still on the streets, we have reading and math classes.  Our work is AIDS and abuse prevention; giving these children a future.

We are now helping street kids, the disabled, the economically disadvantaged, sexually abused, and police referrals. We have just opened a shelter for teen girls and young women needing safety and special short-term care.  YKPA is making an impact by offering opportunities, giving loving support, education, health care, and skills for disadvantaged children.  We serve kids of ALL beliefs.

YKPA History

June 2007

In response to years of concern and minor helping and support, Putu Etiartini could no longer tolerate the suffering of the children begging in the streets of Bali’s tourist industry, Kuta, and started actively seeking information and offering assistance to these children.

October 2007

Beach School starts on Kuta Beach, Bali, with several volunteers, on a bamboo mat in the only available site, in front of the local cemetery/cremation area, with seven children attended the 2 hours session. This place is in the shadow of Kuta’s largest tourist mall, and a stones-throw from the poor tenements where the local workers and street children live..

February 2008

Putu’s rented home becomes a shelter for 3 sick and stressed children as the organization becomes official as an Indonesia ‘Yayasan’ (non profit organization).

April 2008

The shelter becomes an impromptu orphanage, with 3 street children, while many more chlldren would visit for short-term shelter.

May 2008

Classes are beginning at the orphanage, such as Balinese dance, swimming class, painting class, beach fieldtrips, english and math classes.

June 2008

An informal school starts at the orphanage by local and international volunteers teaching math, reading, English, etc.

August 2008

The orignial 3 children officially begin their first ‘real’ school classes at a nearby government school, sponsored by international donors. The children were old for the class level, but chose to start anyway. They learned to wear socks and shoes for the first time. More children are rescued from the beach for short shelter visits.

September 2008

In collaboration with a local school, a ‘special’ afternoon school class begins. Five orphanage kids and 7 ‘still-begging’ children attend 3 days a week classes at the school, and 2 days a week at the Yayasan with the same teacher.

October 2008

 Surfing classes are offered with the help of an international teacher.  An experimental ‘street’ school, like the Beach School, is started on the ground in the slums of nearby Denpasar for street and destitute children.

December 2008

As an offshoot of painting class, the children start a ‘greeting card’ business with handpainted pictures on each card. They are being sold locally in stores with the profit going to the childrens personal accounts.

January 2009

In collaboration with the governments Education Dept,, 13 children start attending a new ‘fast advance’ school classes. Their uniforms are surfing clothing donated by Aloha (Sydney). The Yayasan pays the teachers salary for the 3 days/week classes, then pays for the teacher to come to the Yayasan and teach 2 additional days every week.

February 2009

None of the children knew their ages or birthday, so Valentines Day was choosen for all of their birthdays, and they all had their first-ever birthday party, with presents and many visitors.  A generous donation allows the Yayasan to rent the adjacent small building as needed expansion for classes and staff residences.

August 2009

Dance classes over the last year led to many performances in Bali. The children now call themselves the “Street Children Dance Group”.